How I Boosted My Self Esteem

I am going to start by saying that I have the WORST self esteem. If you were to watch me [as stalkerish as that sounds] you would see me constantly pulling my pants up around my hips. I know I don’t have “big muffin tops”, but any sort of crease of my pants into my sides is enough to make me to feel like a lard.

And I’d also like to point out how annoying it is when people actually get mad about how self conscious I am of my body. Okay, your anger and rude comments about how I’m being “ridiculous” or “Yeah, I wish I had that problem,” stuff like that.. no you don’t want this problem. I wouldn’t wish this problem on anyone. Feeling overweight is an actual disorder. It makes it extremely hard to choose what to wear every day AND what to buy in the stores.

It doesn’t matter to me whether a person who feels fat is actually fat or skinny. Being self conscious of your body and really feeling fat is one of the worst feelings in the world.

It feels like everyone is staring at your muffin top. 

It feels like everyone notices how your thighs jiggle when you walk. 

And not only am I self conscious of my fatty spots, I’m self conscious of EVERYTHING on myself. So I’m going to give you some pointers on how to boost that self esteem on yours, going by things that actually help me feel better about myself.

Giving yourself time

This is so crucial. I can’t tell you how often I hit the snooze button in the morning because I didnt get much sleep that night, so I hit snooze thinking, “My hair isn’t greasy.. I’ll skip the shower” and next thing I know, I am rushing to finish getting the kids and myself ready, trying give the animals some food and water and running out the door. And then I’m feeling all greasy and grimey at work all day long all because I couldn’t get myself out of bed.

So seriously, try to get more sleep and DON’T HIT SNOOZE. Get your lazy butt up and do something! It’s time to feel flawless, girls! Give yourself time to sit down and do yourself up!

Work Out

It’s so hard to get the motivation to get up and work out.  I know it sucks and feels like you’ll never get results, but once you get started, you’ll be more likely to finish.

There are three ways I get motivation to work out:

  1. Take a photo of your body. Look at it when you don’t want to work out.
  2. As creepy as this sounds, I find workout pictures, especially before and after. When I see pictures of people who have actually reached their goal, it’s very inspirational and makes me want to get there myself.
  3. Look up inspirational quotes. I like to go on pinterest and find some inspirational quotes.


There has to be a hairstyle that makes you feel beautiful. If not, then get on Pinterest and find some styles that work for you. I feel the prettiest when I blow dry and straighten my hair. If I do anything else, I feel like I look like a totally different person and I’m stressing about it all day. It’s amazing what difference to your self esteem it makes to do your hair the way you like it every day! (MAKE THE TIME)

Hair Tip: Drying your hair upside-down lifts your roots and adds more volume. 


I know many people say that they do not need makeup to look good. Well sadly, this is true for some lucky girls with natural beauty. But me? Yeah, I need that stuff!! [Check out what’s in my makeup bag with my upcoming blog post!!]

Taking the time to do your makeup changes it all. I remember running late for work and trying to throw it on while driving and I obviously never had the same results as when I was in front of a mirror. Finding the right makeup is key as well. As you’ll see in my makeup bag, I spend the extra money for my foundation because it’s the only stuff I have found that actually works for even coverage.


Take those Simpsons pajama bottoms off and put on some jeans, for crying out loud. No offense, I have gone out in yogas or black lounge pants a time or two… but cartoons all over my bottom half? Yeah, no I won’t do that unless I’m REALLY SICK. It drives me nuts quite frankly. Trust me when I say that putting on a decent outfit will make you feel better because we all feel better with a nice outfit on.

Accept Yourself

I have struggled tremendously with jealousy through the years. Why can’t I look like that? I wish I had that body. Blah, blah. I found myself drowning in self pity over something I simply can’t change. Hmm, well I can change how I look by actually trying, but I CAN’T change the face and body I have.

It’s tough to accept that you can’t possibly look like Carrie Underwood EVER, but you need to. Start doing things that make yourself unique.

SMile More

When you stop getting stressed over the smallest things and start smiling more often, you will be happier. For myself, that makes me more confident. I know a lot of people who are just miserable all the time, and I give them my happiness and I feel so much better. Someone will notice!!


I’m not telling you that my self esteem is amazing, however once I starting taking the time to actually make myself look the way I like and accepted that I am not going to ever look like some of the girls I’ve longed to look like through the years- I’ve felt so much better about myself. You can too! Give yourself time, do yourself up!! Change how you feel about the world, about yourself!

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