10 Cheap Baby Shower Gifts We NEED!


Before I had kids, I was always at a stand still when it came to baby shower gifts. I didn’t want to be the person to get the same outfit as someone else, and I didn’t want to be the person who just got them some diapers and wipes, either. When I had kids, however, it actually turned out that those kinds of things were stuff we NEEDED and WANTED. So I put together a list of some stuff soon-to-be mama’s actually want and NEED.

WHITE long sleeve Onesies

This is something that I didn’t have enough of. Probably mostly for babies born in the chilly seasons. The reason these are so needed is because there are so many nice short sleeve onesies you will get from tons of people [most likely] at the shower and if your baby is going to be born during Fall/Winter like mine were, you stick these under the onesie and you’re good to go.

I also preferred the ones with the built-in mittens because newborns tend to scratch their face a lot and it helps keep their little tiny hands warm! ❤️

Buy a pack of NB and a pack of 0-3

WHITE short sleeve ONESIES

These are great just because you can stick it under a sweater and when they get too warm, just take the sweater off. They also can match with anything.


This is one of those things you don’t normally want to get, thinking it’s something people don’t really want. BUT… THIS IS NEEDED!! What size? Any size. And looking back, it wouldn’t hurt to give an odd size.. like 2 or 3 because everyone else gives size NB or 1 and when it’s time to move up, it’s  nice to have a pack or two 🙂 A great way to give diapers is to be creative and make a Diaper Cake!! This is what my mom made for mine! You can find so many more on Pinterest. Diaper cakes are awesome because they are made with stuff you also need.. like blankets and burp cloths.. which leads me to my next cheap necessity.


With diapers, come wipes. When I was still early in pregnancy, we actually found boxes of wipes in bulk on sale and bought two. Those wipes lasted quite awhile! Aim to buy in bulk, but either way, whether you do or not, they are going to be such a blessing. I recommend trying to get thicker wipes like Huggies One and Done or Parents Choice Unscented. Avoid scented wipes as baby butt’s can be so sensitive and they will go to waste.

Burp Cloths/Receiving blankets

Receiving blankets are also used as burp cloths as they are thicker. I LOVED getting pretty patterns and this is yet another thing you CANNOT have enough of!!! Seriously, if you have a baby that spits up a lot, you need as many as you can get.


Just like anyone, there’s never too much socks in the drawer!! I also noticed that at my baby shower, I only got a couple packs of these and ended up going to buy these. Even for summer babies, those little piggies need protection from the sun!!


Mainly for babies born in the summer time, however some parents still worry about the sun even in the colder seasons. Not to mention, it’s great to have when it is that time of the year!


This is something we didn’t get at our baby shower, and didn’t think to get until we needed it at 2am and nowhere was open nearby so he had to drive 20 minutes to his parents to borrow theirs. Ugh!

Baby Spoons

Ugh, such a great thing to have that no one really thinks about! Once they start eating baby food [between 4-6 months] it’s nice to have them already.


Another thing that most people get for a gift, but trust me.. they will need all they can get. I can’t even tell you how often I lost a bottle and when I found it, it was spoiled and moldy. I assure you that our pacifiers weren’t moldy though… but I did lose those all the time. Okay, I could be more responsible.. but that’s not important right now! Nuk was my favorite brand.


Obviously clothes are a necessity.. but everyone does usually get this, so if you’re going to get this, be different. Go somewhere other than Walmart [don’t worry, I’m guilty of that too]. This increases the chance of not buying the same thing as someone else. Check out Sears, JC Penney, Target and K Mart.. they always have great deals!!

Well, there you have it!! While this stuff may seem like boring stuff that everyone gets.. they are SO needed and so appreciated! Just try to be different about it if you are going to get it! Maybe make a big gift box if your budget can handle it!

Thanks!! Please leave feedback!


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