10 Cheap, Easy, Fun Dates!

Do you happen to have time away from the kids this evening? Perhaps not.. but maybe you can still get a babysitter for a few hours. You might not even have kids and need something easy, cheap and new. 

1) Stay at Home

This is, of course the easiest. Grab a Redbox and chinese food, maybe even rent straight from your DVR and order some delivery.

During this time alone, play a fun game or even write down your bucket lists and share them. My husband and I like to break out the This or That game! It’s a lot of fun and you’d be surprised at how much you don’t actually know about them still! It’s cheap as well and there are lots of them so it’ll last while if you don’t use them all up. [Even if you do, pass it on to another couple]

These types of games make you laugh so hard and enjoy each other’s company. My husband always wants me to keep going, which is a lot for him because he’s not much of a communicator if ya know what I mean. Any way, I’m providing the link below!

Some other greats at home games are

  • Strip Poker (ohh la la)
  • Put sticky note on forehead and guess what it says!
  • Game system games


2) Water Fun This can be lots of different things..

  • Swimming in the pool: Which obviously requires warm weather, I know. But when you have kids, on a warm evening, it’s great to send them to bed, bring a cooler out back, some lights, (bug spray, perhaps) music, your grill. And just have a party for two! My husband and I have had lots of fun out back under the stars in the pool 🙂
  • Kayaking: If you have kayaks, of course 🙂 you can always use any other water toys you have! But I love using our kayaks because we like to pack a lunch [sandwiches or lunchables] and drinks and go find a canal, river, lake, or anything you haven’t kayaked yet. A great time together and when you are hungry, pull off to the side and eat. This is why we like to pick outlets and rivers to go on.. there are lots of pretty wooded areas to pull off and eat. Take lots of pictures! TIP: PUT YOUR PHONE IN A BAGGY TO SAVE IT FROM WATER
  • Fishing

3) A Night Under The Stars So cliche, I know. But how many of us actually do this? Grab an air mattress, or just lots of blankets and pillows and throw it all in the back of the truck, or on the ground somewhere. And since you’re only spending money on gas, wherever you choose to go, grab a bucket of fried chicken, eat, play music, make up your own constellations or find the actual constellations which is so much fun. Here is a free app below this.

You can also just simply have a picnic somewhere! Another thing you never really do!

4) Painting Class This is a fun way to connect as well and work together, however this isn’t as cheap as the three options above. In my area it’s about $35 a seat. But it’s something not many people think about doing when they don’t want to go to the same old restaurant and movie kind of date. You can always find a place that does this and mention it to a loved one for a gift card for the next birthday or holiday.

5) Wooded Fun This one is a fun one. Take a walk in the woods [even a cornfield] together as the sun sets. Then, play a game of hide and seek!

6) Ice Skating

7) Miniature Golf This can be a lot of fun. I never thought this would be fun until I went with someone and had a blast with all the different set ups! In my area, 18 holes are only $8!
8) Bowling We have a bowling alley in our area that does what they call “Cosmic Bowling” with disco lights, black lights and music from 1030pm-1am for $13 a person. Make it a group date, which is much more fun and they may have group specials!

9) Window Shopping Back before we had kids, or even when we only had one, we would go to a hardware store in our area and look around at their home decor and “build our dream kitchen”. This is so much fun!

10) Create A Meal This falls under the stay at home category, but it’s fun to create a meal together! One handles the main dish, the other does the sides, or create a whole new recipe together!

There are so many other things you can do, I’m sure! PLEASE comment some other ideas as well! 


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