Start Potty TODAY

Okay, okay, okay… unless for some miracle your child will actually potty train today, then let’s get real here! What I actually mean is START NOW.

First and foremost, I am going to tell you a couple of things I noticed that made me believe my girls were ready to move up to… (drum roll, please) The Pot. And I’m not talking about the stuff they’ve been trying to legalize in all states. Trust me.. this is some legal stuff.

1) The Cowboy Walk You know what I’m talking about. Do you have a television? Have you seen that silly diaper commercial with that super saggy diaper on that child and it was so saggy that he was walking like a cowboy?

Well, my youngest started doing this once she wet a dry diaper just once. Also, whenever she pooped, she was no longer comfortable to just sit down and squash it all up her crack as far as it would go, or to let it wander the area while she walked until someone got a good whiff of that sewer leakage smell. [Gotta love when this happens at parties… everyone wants to snuggle her and then you hear, “Ohhh mommyyyy!” *sigh*]

luke stance.jpg

2) Diaper Removal Ahh, yes… the removal of a diaper. Oh, no… please don’t picture this nice, clean process. This can be dirty, yes I mean it. Dirty.

This of course can happen at any age.. but my daughter suddenly didn’t like the poop in there anymore. This is another thing my youngest daughter did. [I’m starting to get that “first child is the easy one” vibe] She didn’t do this too often, rest assured. But I bet any mama that is sitting there either playing a game on her phone or really into a TV show that you’ve already paused about a bazillion times, doesn’t get too excited about a toddler running around with poop all over her butt cheeks with the diaper nowhere to be found.


3) Age Wait, kids wearing diapers to school isn’t cool?

Okay, that’s a bit drastic. It happens, I know. And I’m totally not judging.. all kids are ready at their own time HOWEVER I think there comes a time where you need to put your foot down. I think this should be between ages 2-3. I am a firm believer that most kids just need that push. Enough is enough, already.

This is where I come in [dun dun dun dunnnn]


So, Where Do I Begin?

Step One: Put Underwear On Them TODAY

Step Two: Pick a Potty

Step three: incentives

Step four: Stay Strong!

I’m just going to put this all together here.

I have found that it’s just so much easier [but not the cleanest] to just put underwear on them! We can fart around all day and keep reminding them, “Now let me know when you need to use the potty, sweetheart” But it’s so much easier to just go in their diaper as long as it’s on them still.

I do highly recommend you do still remind them to use it when they have to do go.

In the few years of potty training experience I’ve had, they just don’t like to pee in their undies because it just doesn’t soak it all up and that’s not as comfortable apparently. Isn’t that so weird?!

SO what I did with both my girls is once my oldest daughter was over 2 1/2 years old, and once my youngest was performing the cowboy walk and diaper removal acts, I bought some cute undies of their choice and stuck them in there.

Some kids will go on the actual big toilet with a cute little training seat that sits on top. This is awesome…we used this for our oldest and the only annoying thing about it is that we didn’t have a stepping stool so we had to be there every single time to help her up until she was able to hop up on her own. But you should be there any way in the beginning to that’s just me being lazy when I say it’s annoying.

This is what we had. And I provided a link to get it now 🙂

Our youngest is horrified of the big toilet, however so we get the perks of cleaning out that cute little pink monster toilet out. Not fun! Funny because I always joked around that you wont find me dealing with that, but here I am, running some hot water in the smelly little poop bowl to break down the poo.

The things we do for our children! I also found a great 3 in 1 potty chair as well that I’m going to provide a link for 🙂

I also highly recommend incentives. I have a bag of candy and when my daughter uses the potty, she picks out a piece of candy! Yes, I know.. I let her consume.. SUGAR! [gasp] Yes, a lot of parents disagree with this and hey, we are all different. So maybe a sticker every day.. followed up with a big reward at the end of the week? I think that’s also a great idea as well.

Okay, so undies are on, potty is picked, incentives are in check, now… STAY STRONG!!

You can do it, mamas! And you can also take some free days if you’d like it because I can’t lie, there were plenty of days I just threw them in a diaper for the day and said “the heck with it!” But this really, truly does take nothing but dedication and patience. Yours babies are not going to potty train over night and that’s okay! We do what we can.. even if it’s for our own sanity.

Please leave some feedback in the comments!

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